Friday, July 2, 2010

staying on track

so now, that i'm here....i'm feeling overwhelmed....i have been wanting to  be self employed and be able to support my family with my artwork, or creations for years....years...and that i am actually forced by the universe to take this leap...i'm scared to deathe...and feel like i'm not getting enough done...

I have decided to do an inventory of my comparison to what i was doing as a public school art teacher...and what will be required of me to make this happen as a self employed artist....

as a public school teacher, i was required to wear many hats....i was not JUST a teacher...i don't know any teacher who is anymore....the amounts of paperwork and documentation alone is enough to qualify any teacher for any office job...ANY!....

as a teacher i did the following:
  • maintained files and documents
  • organized information on numerous levels
  • organized presentations  via power point, hands on demos,and game show hosting skills
  • graded, documented said grades and contacted parents about said grades on a daily basis for 100's of students
  • arranged meetings with parents
  • maintained contact with parents and students
  • kept up with inventory to  to be used by students for a whole year
  • found information to inspire students to go beyond their normal level of creativity on artwork
  • maintained and kept up with all school policies and procedures
  • maintained classroom order and managed an average of 200 students every year
  • and i could go on
how can this help me as a self employed artist?
  • basic office management skills- for tax purposes
  • ability to book and organize events
  • ability  to promote and produce PR
  • ability to maintain contacts
  • keeping up with inventory of supplies used for business
  • finding information to keep myself inspired
  • ability to find information necessary for business maintenance
  • ability to run a household, take care of a newborn, kiddo, and run a business....

i can do this....i just have to keep reminding myself that i actually can do this....

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