Monday, November 4, 2013

something in the air- herbal remedies and studies

So, it seems that everyone i know has been dealing with colds, coughs, and sore throats...our family has been dealing with all at various times. Last week alone I had a sore throat, and the kids seem to be dealing with allergies, daily...just when we get rid of one cold or cough...another comes along a few days later....

In the past, fear induced panic would send me right to the dr. or the pharmacy... We have a long history that I won't go into of this justified panic....

But this year, I'm trying to approach things differently...more least as much as is possible...and as a result I am in the process of feeding my lifetime desire to understand the medicinal uses, abilities of food,herbs, and spices, vitamins, and essential oils...This is just something I have always been interested in. And I am very excited to learn more, and to be able to help my family to the best of my ability with very simple home remedies.

So far, out of all of the things I have managed to put together, read about, is what we have put to use this season...

1. Honey, Cinnamon, clove,Orange cough syrup
2.onion, garlic, rosemary,vinegar flu medicine
3. mint, ginger, chamomile, fennel tea...
4. licorice tea juice tea
7. eucalyptus oil
8. peppermint oil
9. lavender oil
10. epsom salts
11. magnesium
12.fermented foods: pickles, salsa, relish
13. yoga
15. rosemary
16. garlic
17. chicken soup

And there is more...i'm just too wiped right now actually remember it all at this moment..
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