Monday, September 2, 2013

Open spaces and 4 reasons it is good for our family

Maybe it is because we are older parents (both in our 40's)...Maybe it is because we both grew up in the countryside and miss having regular access to abundant open spaces to roam and play like we did in childhood...but from time to time, we simply need to get out of our neighborhood in the burbs, and get to some open spaces to simply be in nature, tall trees, bugs, unexpected sightings of simply breathe.... We are fortunate to have two three wildlife preserves within a few minutes of our home. One is privately operated, the other is maintained by our neighboring city. Both of which bring our family great joy and a sense of well being from simply walking the trails.

Being in nature important to us for the following reasons:

1. Our children learn to appreciate the world around them in spite of the over urbanization that is going on in our area. (something the rips at my soul)
2. Being in nature is good for the spirit. When the world just seems to weird...nothing is more centering that simply being in the presence of the peace and calm that open spaces, tall trees and all that dwell within it present.
3. Being in nature is good for my health. In dealing with my autoimmune condition, I find that grounding myself, being in the sun for at least 20 minutes, being away from the stress of normal life helps me to feel better.
4. Being in nature is inspiring. It never fails that a single trek into the woods can result in hundreds of photo ops for me. I am constantly amazed and dazzled by the intricacies that nature presents.
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