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Welcome to Bradshaw Meadows – a Blog, that will share projects, sketchbook techniques and ideas, musings, and confusings about art and life, in an artsy fartsy fashion...yeah, that's right....I said  "artsy fartsy" ... 
My name is name is Kimberly Bradshaw Meadows and I’m a full time Artist, Stay-at-home-mom, yogini, and roller derby wannabe (as in i joined and am still learning how to skate).

From Profession to Life I love

Back in 2010 I was just another public school art teacher with a wonderful husband, brilliant 9 year old and a newbie on the way. It was the knowledge that commuting, maternity leave,and the stress of it all, would add up to deciding to make a pretty big leap of faith.  "Just leap and the net will appear" was pretty much the motto. So, the last week of school my husband and I decided that I should put in my letter of resignation to open that door for someone else.It was a HUGE leap of faith that everything would work out.  That summer, my amazing husband set out to find a new job that would fill in where mine had left off, and the WEEK our daughter was born, he started his new job. It truly was an amazing sequence of events.

At that time, it was also agreed that NOW was the time to focus  on creating artwork that brought joy...inspired others...provoked thought...and fulfilled the creative void I had been feeling for some time... which brings me here today....

Why Bradshaw Meadows?

This site is dedicated to helping others learn the skills of creating,and being creative, share their own experiences and promote a life lived in creativity, joy, hope, love, and peace.

I originally started this blog, mainly because I wanted to keep a record of what I was doing artisticly at the time. You can still go back and see my entries to witness how i struggled with figuring out what i needed to do with myself, focus on..etc.

Since then I’ve discovered that my intentions have changed.  I took a bit of a hiatus. And in that time, i started studying yoga, joined roller derby, and took a bit of an introspective inventory. It was in this time that I realized my desires, goals, and my intentions were not  truly being addressed.

 It is my desire to eventually share tutorials, projects, articles, and tips about the creative process via my own experiments, trials and errors and hopefully some laughs and inspiration.
I basicly want people find joy here, and within themselves, to cultivate that joy, and feel and be creative.

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Buy my Book

Ok, so i don't have a book to sell you....but wouldn't it be cool if i did? 

Actually, what i do have is my own artwork. I am hoping that you would be kind enough to take a look and  purchase those pieces that inspire, give hope, or simply touch your soul.... http://www.etsy.com/shop/bradshawmeadows

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If you want to know more about Bradshaw Meadows then you might also find the  Bradshaw Meadows FAQ  page helpful.( COMING SOON)

Also useful if you’d like to comment on any posts at Bradshaw Meadows is the Bradshaw Meadows Comments Policy (coming soon also) but for now JUST BE NICE!

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