Friday, July 16, 2010

keeping track of time

so, I made a little progress this week on my Etsy Shop...Thanks to the advice of friends, i downloaded GIMP and was able to do  some much needed resizing of jpegs to upload to my shop.....

This week, i think i have work at least 20 hours on things for the Etsy shop alone....and i have to make myself take inventory of what all i have actually done to go towards making this business work..

  • contacting arts and craft fairs for more information
  • looking arts and craft fair information
  • locating work that is ready to sell
  • scanning in work that is ready to sell
  • uploading gimp
  • reading about how to use gimp
  • figuring out how to work GIMP
  • resizing jpegs
  • uploading jpegs
  • listing artwork and promoting it on facebook
  • contacting local stores about trying to seel artwork in their store...
  • braingstorming designs and ideas of things to make and sell
  • making important contacts
  • working on four designs for new print series
and that doesn't include how much time i have actually spent thinking about all of this or reading up on all of this....

and it felt good today, to spend time with kiddo amd know that i didn't have to feel guilty that i wasn't working because i had spent so much other time doing so....i was actually able to just be with kiddo....fully focused on that moment...

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