Friday, May 31, 2013

Inspiration Friday: East Texas

East Texas is where I grew up. I don't get to visit nearly enough. But, when I do, a walk in nature, or a drive down country roads, brings peace to my spirit.
My husband grew up in East Texas as well. (a few counties over) We both grew up walking the fields and woods and anytime we get a chance to visit, we enjoy this time in nature again. On our last visit, Hubs came upon the mimosa above and took me to see it. Mimosas remind me of my grandmother. She had a Mimosa tree in her yard that we kids claimed for our tree house and location for our tire swing.
Baby Pines are breaking through right now. The processes that take place for a tree to randomly decide to grow are nothing short of miracles. 
Barbwire...memories of crawling through fences, holding the wires apart with a foot and a hand...something every kid that grows up in the country understands...

This tree...all the changes it has weathered...

In the city this would be called the country, this is simply called life...leaves fall,things pile up, eventually, life happens again in its' own time...

My husband found one snake skeleton, and when we went on our walk together, I found another...neither had the skull...I love that my husband knows that I would not be freaked out by this...and that in fact, I would love this...

Friday, May 24, 2013

Paperbead: art as meditation

I'm a firm believer that creating is one of the closest paths to Spirit. I'm also a firm believer in the idea that art, and creating things, whether it is paintings, drawing, sewing, sculpting, cooking, or anything that involves a focused creative is a meditation....Making paper beads is high up on that list for me.
Lately I have been making paper beads. This project falls under "one of those things I taught everyone else to do but never had time to do it myself"... and there are a LOT of those projects I hope to get to...p.s. if you are an art teacher, this is a cool project  to do with your kids. I always noticed a calm that would come over my students as they started the process of making the beads...their minds would quiet, their spirits would calm, and before they knew it, class was over and we had filled a bucket with beaded potential to use in future projects...(mostly altered books).
Making paper beads is simple.  
bags for storage

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Starry Inspiration

 I was asked to donate a piece of artwork for a charity event in my hometown to support their art organization. The event's theme is Starry Starry Night. As a child Starry night was one of my favorite paintings before I even knew who created it or what it was about.  
I just knew that it was a work of amazing beauty. I was completely fascinated by the lines, the texture,and the movement. I would stare at it in the Childcraft Encyclopedia for ages.

 I was always intrigued with  Van Gogh's Sky... The curves as the the wind could be seen. There is comfort in the wind.
Swirls, Curving lines, have always brought a meditative comfort while drawing.
This is the piece I sent off this week. It is my hope that whoever, if anyone, purchases it, that is bring them peace, comfort...and as with all lotuses...a reminder to rise above...push through the muddy waters...face the sun.... 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sources of Wonder: Teeny Tiny Flowers

It is the season of flowers. Our yard is covered in these lovelies.  

Everyday, i get a "bouquet" of these teeny tiny tiny that the "bouquet" might fit on my thumbnail...

We often have to get down on our tummies to even see them.

The purple ones are may favorites...

I am inspired by the impact such a small thing can have.

These little gifts are often overlooked or scoffed as weeds. 

But, to me, and to my youngest, they are a source of amazement, wonder, and peaceful beauty.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

my yoga story: How i got started

(So, i realized that i haven't really talked much about the Yoga part of my life...Here's to putting in a little more effort on that front...)

SO you may wonder how this old gal found herself teaching yoga?

Well, I'm still trying to figure it out myself...but, in a started 11 years ago...when my son was still an infant.
I joined a gym.
They had yoga and childcare.
I took the class.
I made it through the class. 
I was really excited that I actually completed the class.
I never liked exercising in groups. 
I'm not the physically competitive sort.
I had been struggling with anxiety attacks, exhaustion, fatigue, weight gain, (which in retrospect was the beginning of my autoimmune symptoms).
Yoga helped me feel stronger and calm. 
Two days after that first class...I felt like I got hit by a was the first time I had ever felt like that. 
Right then and there I knew, that Yoga was the first exercise I had ever done that left me feeling better yet knowing I had really worked out.

From there, Life it does...I practiced off and on, mostly on my own, when I felt especially stressed. I lived in a rural area for several years and didn't now where to look for classes. It wasn't until years later and the beginning (?) of my midlife crisis when I declared to my Hubs ...


He, that sweet man, just looked at me, as though this was the most normal thing i could have ever said to him, and simply said, "ok...."

With this, I had a plan in my mind that I would work out for 6 months,build up my strength and then start whatever program I felt comfortable with that winter...

Within 2 weeks I found the program I wanted to be a part of...signed up and was in my first class...


It was quite a whirlwind, and the beginning or many life lessons I needed to relearn...

I am still growing in my practice. Everyday is a new challenge or lesson to be learned. And I am grateful for it.

tents in the back yard and the simple act of creativity

Everday is a gift. Especially days like this...Days when my youngest is discovering the joys of tents made of sheets and blankets thrown over whatever will hold them up.
I remember you? I remember the simple joy of creating my own space, the peace within it. There was a feeling of quiet joy...peace...limitless hope...
She gathers her favorites toys as her companions...her dog is her audience...her art supplies...and her favorite blanket as her super hero cape... and she creates... She smiles...proud of her artwork...and in that moment...she reminds me of the beauty and wonder life that we often forget as adults...such a gift...

Thursday, May 2, 2013

A glimpse into my altered book

In a perfect world, I would spend hours at a time lost in the 
creative meditational process. No interruptions. No questions to answer. No texts to answer RIGHT NOW!  It would be simple silence. Me my art supplies...people can be there...but they need to be able to entertain themselves. Wasn't that lovely. But hey! Lets face facts. I'm a mom. And I am lucky to be home with my youngest. 

I KNOW this. And that means I work in  five minute increments and sometimes...not at all. I am totally grateful for those five minutes. Sometimes I get a lot done. Sometimes...not so much... but whatever it is I get done...that is progress... as I type this from my phone....the youngest is experimenting with using her hands as spoons to eat apple sauce...'s like that....
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