Monday, December 31, 2012

lessons from 2012

So, Officially, Today is still 2012, at least for a few more hours... I had high hopes of one of those cute blog posts that so many of the beautiful blogs do, celebrating each and every holiday and major social, well...about that...

Ok, so, i don't have that...what i do have is what i learned this year.....

I keep hearing that 2012 was a really hard year for a lot of people. And, truthfully, there were some rough patches for us as well. But, i guess the thing that keeps things in perspective is the life lessons along the way...

The big lesson, for me, this year was to simply be present...When things feel weird, just go with the flow, believe that things will get better, be fine, and roll with it... I can't say I always do fact, I have to be reminded of this quite often....

So, instead of coming up with a bunch of resolutions I think I'm just going to stick with one thing...

Be Present...If i can stick to this, i'm pretty sure everything else will fall into place...

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The life of a dress...

You see a vintage prom dress....i see art supplies....

And then there are lists and things to do....

  Hair bobs and fascinators come into life...

And then it is part of an art show/sale....

Friday, December 28, 2012

let it go, and go with the flow, don't worry about a thang

yesterday i had to drop the boy off to spend time with other his other family members for a week.
I am never happy to see him go.
He has been under the weather for a few weeks now.
There was still ice on the roads in our area.
And the youngest is quite spirited...

.let's face facts....
this combination made for one grumpy Moma....

After a series of ridiculous events....resulting in a 35 minute drive that normally takes 10-15....only to have to turn around and go all the way back home (because we forgot the all-important-medicine the boy needs)...then we were all we made our way through an inexpensive drive through(not my first mom choice but sometimes it is just about survival)...then we had to text the family members who were waiting for the boy...and get the kids set up with their nutrient lacking food...

and with this.....
i said out loud....

"i give up...."

the boy: "what do you mean?"
me:" well, we just spent the last hour doing all of this stuff, trying to push forward and look where we, i think the lesson i'm supposed to get is to simply "give up."
the boy: "NO! you have to be POSITIVE!"

I must admit that this is the first time i have heard him say something like this in quite a while...usually i am the one telling him this...and i realized that he actually is listening to me....

Reality washed over me as i realized i wasn't really saying what i meant....he thought i meant in a negative way...and i didn't...what i meant was....that i had spent all morning being nervous and grumpy and trying to force things to work...and sometimes...i just need to let go...and GO WITH THE FLOW....

once i explained that...he said...
"yeah...that's it...our family motto...."don't worry about a thang."

With that we ate our crappy fast food, drank our sugar dense drinks, and headed back down the road...we spent the next hour and fifteen minutes entertaining each other by pointing things out the the youngest,and singing and talking.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

3 days of snow is my limit

True to my Texas roots and expectations of snow...
I'm over it today...
It snowed on Christmas Day, here.  I wake up this morning with the white still all around.  In my book, that is officially 3 days...I count the day it snowed...and all of today, even though it just started...The roads are clearing, but not enough for my liking. (especially when driving is involved) I have decided that when it snows no one should be forced to drive in to work. I HAVE SPOKEN! MAKE IT SO!  Texans do not drive well in ice or snow....let's just face facts here. 

Right now, my kidlets and I are snuggled up in the den watching the youngest's cartoon obsession of Alice in Wonderland...The oldest will be leaving us today for a week to visit other family. I silently bide the time until he has to go.

I have an art sale this coming Sunday. And I could possibly be outside. You know how I feel about that. But, this is my job. Bills to pay and such. (just like everyone else) My mind, as usual, is full of ideas of treasures to make for this show. The question is, will I have time to complete them successfully? THAT is always the question. The other question is...Will the treasures sell? 

The youngest just jumped from the arm of the couch, bounced off the couch cushion landing on her feet to the floor, hopped on the coffee table, jumped to the ottoman, and said, "TAAA DAAAA!" she looked like a super hero....Now she dances to her favorite Sesame Street Classics....She is my beautiful fearless daredevil...i admire her moxy...and i have learned to NOT PANIC!

The oldest laughs in his maniacal (Muh Wah HAHAHAHA) manner as he apparently scores some big points or levels up or something like that on his electronic device...He is my Einstein and i admire his brilliance.

The dog, curled up beside me, taking his loyal spot and warming my leg. I have grown use to him being stuck to me like glue when i sit down.

This is winter in our house....snow days....

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

White Christmas in Texas

So, something weird happened here in Texas yesterday. WE GOT A WHITE CHRISTMAS! It isn't unheard of here...just not our normal holiday weather. We are currently in a winter wonderland.  Right now, my family and I are warm and snug in our den, with views of white from every window.
 We did venture out into the snow for about 20 minutes yesterday. It took about 20 minutes to bundle up for the excursion...and another 25 to unbundle and clean up the wet mess on the kitchen floor. That's White Christmas in Texas. 
So, to everyone, and for every holiday or none at all that is celebrated this season, I would like to wish you many warm hugs, well wishes, and good vibes for you and yours. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

too many ideas, too little time

Sometimes i find that my mind is overrun with creative project ideas....

For example: RIGHT NOW!
At this very moment i want to make a lot of is my list:

1. crowns
2. hats
3. tiaras
4. tutus
5. crocheted head wraps with attached scarves inspired by the mother in "a Christmas Story"
6. a new blanket for my daughter
7. christmas cards, valentine cards, and glittery cards
8.  mini art dolls
9.  mixed media art houses
10. mixed media art purses
11. watercolor paintings of all of the stuff i pick up
12. painted shoes
13.  sewing projects: too many to list
14. framed dioramas: too many idea to list
15. art cards
16. block prints
17.pocket warmers
18. pillow cases
19. fairy houses
20. ceramic sculptures
21. backyard raku kiln made from a grill
22. christmas ornaments
23. more christmas ornamentswith my kids
24. christmas cookies with my kids

and soooooooo much more....

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Whirlwind art weekend

I learn something new everytime i go to an art show. This weekend i had four! Here is what i learned this weekend.
1. Small inexpensive chotchkys rock! People just want to feel like they got something cool. I tried an experiment this weekend and was very pleasantly surprised by the results. I am very excited to see where this experiment may take me.

2. Simple is better. The more clean, clear, organized, simple, i keep things, the less stress i have. This is best.

3. If you have a bad vibe, go with your gut. I had a bad vibe about a show all week. I should have listened to that. Live and learn.

4. Get to know people. People appreciate when you remember them. I know i do. Let them know.

5. When you find something that works, go with that. I will be thinking about what was the most positive and successful parts from this weekend and going forward.

6. Be able to talk about your work. I still struggle with this, but it is getting easier. And people really do want to know about your work.

7. Surround yourself with good people. You know who the good people are. Stick with them. There is always a debbie downer...avoid them.

8. Sometimes people can't be won over. Let them go. No one wants to be the person that isn't liked. But, sometimes it is what it and learn. Don't judge yourself based on someone else's issues. Your karma belongs to you. Theirs belongs to them.

9. There really are starving artists. I worked with several this weekend. No less than three times did i hear this statement: " i can buy groceries now." And those words weren't a joke. I for one, did that as well after my show on Saturday. And much-needed jeans and a belt for my son.  It really surprised me to hear other artists did the same. There are some hard working creative spirits out there.

10. Artists are usually willing to:  haggle, barter, do layaway....why? Read #9 again... and sometimes, all you have to do is ask. I tell you this not so you can get a good deal....i tell you this because of #9. 

11. Working outside in extreme temps really sucks.... it got really cold at my last show. If i had worn boots, it would have been fine, but i didn't. So, i am not a fan of outdoor shows with extreme temps and wind...i really don't know anyone who is.

12. I still want to live on the coast....have a coffee house/bookshop/art workshop/studio/yoga studio/vintage clothing shop...only work there 3 days a week, and work on my art four days a week...  i don't think that is too much to expect...  ;)

13. You can only do so much: how could i forget this lessons?   I simply cannot be everywhere, do everything, be everything, or please matter how hard i try....this weekend alone, unexpected health issues for myself and then for my son threw my plans out of whack...such is life. I am certain people were disappointed...especially myself...but, such is life...go with the flow...that's the best we can do. Understanding this and actually  allowing myself to accept this are two different stories.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

routines, quirks, and methods

The older I get, the more I understand that there are a few things I have to have in order to get work done. I have read about other artists who have their little routines, quirks, or methods that help them feel centered. I never realized just how important my quirks, routines, methods, were to my process until I wasn't able to do them...(this is life with a two year old...adjustments must be made....)

While taking a much needed break, to contemplate how I could possibly get more work done...I came up with list of things I need in order to operate...

 1. A place to work. While I am able to work almost anywhere, and always carry supplies with me everywhere I go...(something i learned to do over 11 years ago with my oldest so i could take advantage of any possible moments of free time)...I find that I have gotten to the point where I need my own space to be able to create. In the last two years I have moved my "studio" from our formal living room that we never used (and we do now as the family den) the formal dining room. And now, I simply work wherever I can...whenever...But, this is no longer working out. I am desperate for my own space. I need the freedom of being able to come and go from projects without worrying that they will be ruined by the dog, or curious hands. I also need to be able to walk away from a project and come back. The freedom of having one's own space sounds amazing. I am currently renovating the garage...IN MY MIND....for my next studio space...either that, or i'm going to get rid of our clothes and move into our closet...desperate times call for desperate measure...

2. I need peace and quiet....when I am working on a project, it is like a form of meditation. I need to be free of interruption for a block of time in order to fully comprehend the process... (i'm pretty sure i'm going to have to either completely lose my hearing, or wear earplugs for the rest of my life for this to happen...)

3. I need limited supplies...when I have too many supplies to choose from, my brain gets overwhelmed by the infinite, I have learned to purposefully limit myself when that  that overwhelming feeling comes on. Usually limiting myself two three items max at a time. 

4. Time....I need time to myself that no one else has dibs on..... while I can get things done in that super-mom-multi-tasking sort of way, I do not enjoy it. I need time to myself to be able to fully focus. This is something I really struggle with as a stay-at-home-mom. My time is never my own. In fact the last few months that I have been working more, have been filled with great frustration for me because I have not figured out how to manage this yet. I am still working on it. 

5. Rest:I used to be able to stay up all night working on a piece...not anymore...I have to rest or my brain and body shuts down.  I feel mandatory nap times becoming more and more mandatory.

 6. Health: if I don't feel well, nothing will be created. So, doing yoga, eating balanced meals, resting, taking my vitamins, are all imperative to my creative process. 

7. My overalls: the overalls I wear are hand-me-downs from my father over 15 years ago. They are covered in paint and falling apart. I just realized it might be time for a new pair...
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