Saturday, August 24, 2013

7 ways to lose Artists

In choosing which direction to go next with my art, I started thinking about what I have enjoyed the most and what really inhaled profusely.

I have been participating in art events and shows for years.( I won't bore you with that number) But, I have displayed my artwork at art festivals, school art shows, cultural centers, diners, college campus art galleries, parades, privately owned stores, coffee shops, etc...

I have taken breaks of time  spanning months to years...Yes, YEARS....

I have had some really GREAT experiences...

 I have had some pretty CRAPTASTIC ones as well...

On that note, as I am reviewing my own experiences with certain venues and deciding if I want to work with them again: I have made a few lists...which started out very tongue-in-cheek....of ways Producers, Curators, and Venue owners can get themselves black listed in the Art Karma world...I have also made a list of my best experiences which will follow later. Enjoy....

How to lose Artists in your venue or event:

1.Treat your artists like they are your minions. I know it is hard to believe....but artists are not there to serve you...They are there to show their work, and make money. Their goal is to support themselves with their work...not to serve you...If you have done your job properly, you will have artists who will naturally flow with your show. It won't be an issue. But, talking down to your artists, not good for your image or your Art Karma.

2. Expect artists to read your mind. I know that artists are really intuitive, for the most part. We are sensitive, feeling people, who pick up on the feelings of others fairly easily...on that note...if there is something you need, expect, or want from straightforward and simply, calmly, and respectfully tell closed... Expecting us to read your mind and do what we "think" you want isn't cool....get a clue. don't need to get a clue. I was just straightforward with you, the way we need you to be.

3. Hold your artists to rigid standards, but not yourself. If you do have certain expectations, rules, guidelines you need followed for your convenience...don't you dare do anything less than what you expect...As soon as an artist sees you coloring outside of the lines you are demanding they stay in...which have lost the respect of your artist...(this kinda goes for anything in life...parenting, teaching, spiritual leaders, government officials...people in general...)

4. Be really uptight. If you are walking around like you are about to bust a't expect much from your artists...we don't respond favorably to drill sergeants or dictators...look at history...

5. Be really not uptight. However, if you are so loose in the way you do things that anything goes...this could be an issue as well...we simply need you to give us guidelines, work with us...and be a leader who can make decisions if needed, without being a jerk.

6. Tell your artists you sunk all your money into their event and try to get them to contribute monetarily after the fact. Artists sink just as much, if not more into simply being present at your venue..and most of the time we don't even break suck it chose to do this event just like we compassionate, stop whining, do what you gotta do...that's what we are doing simply by being there...some of us had to chose between food and gas to be at your event...

7. Forget that your artists are real people, with real lives outside of your event.` We have lives outside of your venue. In fact we have worked our regular lives around your venue...sometimes having to create backups for our backups...just to make sure our kids are picked up from school, or that dinner is served...expecting us to drop everything to make multiple trips to your venue is a hardship and unrealistic in this day and age...the age of technology and rulers...send measurements, pictures, and logistics via the very least... most good venues and shows do this...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Drink your water...

Just like forgetting to eat breakfast....i often forget to drink water...


Again: if I knew, I wouldn't forget...RIGHT? (i'm just sayin')

Often, I am the one reminding my oldest to drink more water for his health...but i totally forget about myself.
The Hubs is an awesome source for reminding(cough, cough, nagging) me to drink some water...and I adore him for it! No, really..I do..I absolutely adore that man!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

AIP: My Food list

Autoimmune Protocal diet.... yeah, good times..  what is it?

 In the simplest of terms it is like Paleo only more restrictive. 

Yeah... my husband came across it last year when he started Paleo.  I did it for a while and did well with it. But fell off the wagon...let's face it...bread is cheap...and sometimes the budget is thin...

But, now I'm going back to it. 

Hashi's kicks my butt.... often..... and desperate times call for desperate measures.
The thing that frustrates me the most is that there are so many websites and books telling you what you can't have and very few that tell you what you can

It gets very overwhelming to hear so many "no you can't do this" statements. 

I am totally ok with doing this. I am very committed.

I just don't want to hear what I can't have! 

I want to know what I can. ...And I will stick to it.

So far : here is my list of "cans"

Grassfed or wild caught meats.
Sweet potatoes
Brazil nuts
Coconut milk and oil
Bell peppers
Green beans ( but no other legumes)
Olive oil
Sea salt

And so far that is all I know.  I'm sure there is more.  But this is enough

This is the list I work from......
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