Thursday, May 2, 2013

A glimpse into my altered book

In a perfect world, I would spend hours at a time lost in the 
creative meditational process. No interruptions. No questions to answer. No texts to answer RIGHT NOW!  It would be simple silence. Me my art supplies...people can be there...but they need to be able to entertain themselves. Wasn't that lovely. But hey! Lets face facts. I'm a mom. And I am lucky to be home with my youngest. 

I KNOW this. And that means I work in  five minute increments and sometimes...not at all. I am totally grateful for those five minutes. Sometimes I get a lot done. Sometimes...not so much... but whatever it is I get done...that is progress... as I type this from my phone....the youngest is experimenting with using her hands as spoons to eat apple sauce...'s like that....

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