Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Starry Inspiration

 I was asked to donate a piece of artwork for a charity event in my hometown to support their art organization. The event's theme is Starry Starry Night. As a child Starry night was one of my favorite paintings before I even knew who created it or what it was about.  
I just knew that it was a work of amazing beauty. I was completely fascinated by the lines, the texture,and the movement. I would stare at it in the Childcraft Encyclopedia for ages.

 I was always intrigued with  Van Gogh's Sky... The curves as the the wind could be seen. There is comfort in the wind.
Swirls, Curving lines, have always brought a meditative comfort while drawing.
This is the piece I sent off this week. It is my hope that whoever, if anyone, purchases it, that is bring them peace, comfort...and as with all lotuses...a reminder to rise above...push through the muddy waters...face the sun.... 

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