Friday, May 24, 2013

Paperbead: art as meditation

I'm a firm believer that creating is one of the closest paths to Spirit. I'm also a firm believer in the idea that art, and creating things, whether it is paintings, drawing, sewing, sculpting, cooking, or anything that involves a focused creative is a meditation....Making paper beads is high up on that list for me.
Lately I have been making paper beads. This project falls under "one of those things I taught everyone else to do but never had time to do it myself"... and there are a LOT of those projects I hope to get to...p.s. if you are an art teacher, this is a cool project  to do with your kids. I always noticed a calm that would come over my students as they started the process of making the beads...their minds would quiet, their spirits would calm, and before they knew it, class was over and we had filled a bucket with beaded potential to use in future projects...(mostly altered books).
Making paper beads is simple.  
bags for storage

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