Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kitsch and Flow: Art Hashers at FWCAC

Have you been to the Fort Worth Creative Arts Center lately? If not, GO NOW! For just a few more days there is an amazing show up comprised of art work by members of Art Hash. (the brain child of Sonia Semone)

KITSCH & FLOWAn uber-edgy, sort of funky, art exhibit featuring original works of art by 50+ Texas artists.
Yin and yang. Hot and cold. Sweet and sour.
Meets----> Nostalgia, flash, sparkle, fresh, slow, and low.

Kitsch & Flow is something like that. 'Kitsch' promises a creative and calculated attraction, while the 'flow' of this show expects
to immerse viewers with a contemporary energy. If opposites attract, that explains the easy
attraction of Kitsch & Flow.

Aside from the participating artists’ obvious art connection, they have another common
bond; ArtHash, an ever growing social network group for artists. With discussions on the
popular ArtHash Facebook page ranging from sharing serious art techniques, to full on
debates on where one might find the best taqueria, it's understandable how this group of
ArtHasher's can present an exhibit that is both fun and easy to appreciate on one hand, yet
challenging and emotionally charged on the other. A lot like the most spectacular velvet Elvis
you've ever seen! And in similar fashion, Kitsch & Flow intends to get the best of you.

Displayed artwork will be available for purchase. That's right; you can buy original works from
artists working right in your neighborhood.

Participating artists: Bereniche Aguiar, Chris Bingham, Judy Blackwell, Kimberly Bradshaw Meadows, David Brown, Iris Candelaria, Dana Cargile, Jacqueline Colt, Floyd Cornwell, Andrea Davis, Brett Dyer, Dave Edmondson, Gabriela Elguea, Luis Fernando Camacho, Jacque Forsher, Essie Graham, Randy Gonzales, Brian Hamm, Jackie Johnston, Jennifer Lafleur, Gabe Langholtz, Levi Leddy, Liz London, Melissa Lloyd, Joyce Martin, Kerian Massey, Holli Michener, Mike Moffatt, Andy Morris, Joanita Namara, Julia Pappas, Beverly Parson White, Betty Peck, Paul Pena, Jody Pham, Diana Prickett, Pamela Rabin, Lisa Rachel Horlander, Angela Rawlings, Mike Salcido, Shari Sandri, Sonia Semone, Heather Kimberly J. Schaefer, Heather Shoulders, Michael Sir Hendrey, Jan Stateman, Lauren Stout, Roy Vance, Quincy Wakefield, Amanda Watts, Melissa Wertz, Rachel White Delgado, John Worley, Mary Wright.

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