Saturday, January 5, 2013

prepping for shows:1

I have only started going to art sales again in the last few, to say, I'm still figuring this stuff out is an understatement....and by "figuring it out" i mean all of the following: what people want, how to price work, what to make, what to pack, how to make a living, how to survive.

But, there are a few things I have figured out, some from the last two months, and some from past work experience. Here is what I have for prepping for art sales.

1. Indoor is better than outdoor: I say this as a person who has worked both..(from the state's biggest flea market to the most intimate of venues)...when weather is good, outdoor is great! when weather is bad...i would rather just stay home...the effort and physical toll it takes on me is not worth it....not to mention what it does to your artwork... Don't get me wrong...i LOVE GOING TO OUTDOOR EVENTS....i just don't enjoy working them...yeah, that's probably a bad, it is what it is...having said that, i  look at those who do work outdoor events all the time with great respect. It is hard work.

2. Pack the night before: staying up late to work on last minute artwork is just a waste of time and energy. ( i say this...but i totally still do this...) But i find that if i just go ahead and pack the night matter what time the event is the next day, i am such a better person for it. And it shows in my energy level the next day.

3. Be organized: Make a list of what you want to take and stick to that list...i have a tendency to get overwhelmed by all of the minutia of possible things i might need...if i make a list and stick to tends to be ok.

4. Be prepared but not OVER PREPARED: what i mean is, there should be a limit to what you take to a sale. You can actually pack TOO MUCH STUFF...when that happens, you can't find any of the great things you might actually need. So be prepared, but don't be the next  story on HOARDERS!

5. Streamline: have a system for packing, and transporting you stuff. Make it as efficient as possible. You want what you are selling to be as easy to handle as possible. 1. because if it is cumbersome, no one else will want it either, and 2. if you have to lug it around, no one else will want to help you load it up at the end of the show. 3. you don't want to depend on other people at an art show to help you. They have their own stuff to deal with.

6. Have several price points: it is great that you have big artwork for display. Most people can't afford that. BUT, if they like it...they might buy a small print of it for 5 bucks....see what i mean? Some people just want some little "something"...make sure you have it...if you don't someone else will..

7. Have business cards: Yeah, i know, maybe business cards are becoming dated...maybe not...people still want them...especially from artists...sometimes people just need to "think about it" and actually do go and look up your work...and that is pretty sweet! Some people may want to include you in their next show. Sometimes people just want to connect with you and keep up with you.

8. KARMA: There really is a good karma network out there. Remember that as you are prepping...There are good people out there that want to help each other out. Think about it, if there are shows you know about, tell other artists about them as well. One good turn usually results in another. I can't tell you how many really cool artists i have met and keep in touch with. I have been truly inspired by how thoughtful and inclusive people have been, letting me know about shows and opportunities to show my work. Awe inspiring really. In fact, 3 of the four shows I am in this weekend are all due to other artists letting me know about them. How cool is that?  So keep that in mind. How can you help other people? Even if i don't know of a show, right away, as soon as i hear of one that fits another artist, i send them a's part of the karma network in my book.

9. have change: This part may be the hardest, especially when you are starting is for me anyway...half the time i don't have the money to get change...but, it is a necessary evil...also, when you price your work, try to price it so you don't have to make much change, if possible...that seems to help...a little bit...sometimes a fellow artist can help you make change, but don't depend on it...they are working just like you...

10.Display: You need to have a display that is clean, easy to set up, doesn't take away from your work, and makes people want to buy...I'm still working on this part...But, it seems to be getting better with each show...hopefully soon i will have my act together...<3 br="br" nbsp="nbsp"> So, hopefully, if you are trying to schlep you wares like i am, this helps a little bit...more to come as i prep for more shows this weekend..

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