Sunday, January 20, 2013

in the studio last week

This is was the third week of January! Wow! It  feels  felt like it was just the holiday break last week.... The oldest is back in school and we already have a full spring schedule. Hubs is still the ever vigilant provider. Youngest is still the ever tornadic reminder to live in the moment. We had a spot of snow this last week. Not as much as at Christmas, but enough to cause mayhem on the roads, and Hubs decided to use one of his much earned days off and stay home with me and Mini. The boy still had to go to school. When i dropped him off that morning, all of the students looked so defeated that they still had to go into the building that day...i can't say i blame them.
Good things are always happening...I got a job..teaching yoga...I am very grateful for the bone that was thrown to me by two beautiful spirits. I am now subbing at a local gym. And I have already taught two  three classes. I was completely terrified all week last week...I managed to survive the first class and then another a few days later. My terror is completely self-inflicted...anxiety -based...but, I feel much better after jumping into these two classes. And I am very excited to teach more.
 Then there was Wednesday....the flu bug has been hitting hard all around us...reports of an epidemic have, well, quite honestly, caught me by surprise. Something about being a SAHM with no cable, kinda does it to you...unless I make a point to look up the news or listen to the radio...things slip by...I suppose that isn't the best thing in the world...but, it is what it is...having said that, being out in public in large groups lately,(friday night art show, teaching two large classes of yoga, grocery shopping) well, one comes in contact with germs...oh yeah, i watched "Contagion" this weekend as well...which only brought back all of my training about spreading germs in school and the need to keep sanitizer gel everywhere...but, all that to say...i'm dealing with a respiratory bug at the diet has consisted of the following for the last two days...

combinations of the following....ANY COMBINTATION of the following:

orange juice
lime juice
cough drops
mint tea
cough drops


yes, i'm still doing my makes me feel better...that's all i can say about is great...but at some point, you gotta stretch...and it helps me a lot...

But, back to the studio...since i have been feeling under the weather,i haven't felt like pushing myself...that's not true. my brain really wants to make physical body just doesn't seem to want to cooperate as much...So, instead, i made a work small, and be happy with that...and it seems to have worked out well...

i worked on envelopes, post it notes, scraps of paper, and did a little bit of detailing on a small canvas (10x10)....i have found that as an artist, there are just days that i won't get to work like i want...but there are ways to work...

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