Monday, January 21, 2013

finding the right venues

I have re-written this post no less than three times...I keep reading my words and wondering if i am really saying what i mean... but, here goes...let's see...

A few weekends ago I participated in a very busy, one-night-only, art event.
 It was a packed house.
Music, Food, People, and amazing art....

I set up at table instead of hanging my larger pieces.
 In hindsight, I should have hung the large pieces and brought prints with and learn...

So, I'm still trying to figure out where my work fits...what is the right venue?
 Where do I fit in?
 Or Stand out?
 (story of my life)

 I did ok...and by "ok" I mean I at least made my booth fee and gas money back. But, no profits.(these things are always a gamble)

The best part though, was that I did get to talk to some of my favorite fellow artists, meet some new patrons, and was invited to a few upcoming events.

Of course, as I reflect on what I learned from this last show...I think I am getting closer to knowing what is the best venue for my work...and what does not.


1. My days of disco are over! okay, let me clarify....I enjoy music...that's not what i'm saying...but my ability to work near a loud speaker that requires yelling all evening in order to communicate is, i can cross "shows with loud music" or "club scenes" right off the list...yes...i'm an old lady...and i'm okay with that...

2. There ARE people out there looking for work like mine..(.i just need to find more of them...)...I had two people buy the same print and both THANKED me for guys said, " I can't believe I was able to walk in here and get this print tonight"...and the other person showed me a beautiful tattoo she had on her forearm of Buddha and was very sweet. These are the people I am looking for. The ones that see my work, share their story with me...and i can see in their eyes that they are touched by the work.

3.Peace and calm....  yes Ma'am!  Out-of-Control spirits....let's just say, I saw four drinks come within centimeters of various artists artwork as drinks were dropped right in front of my table...resulting in me removing my portfolio from one spot due to the behavior of others... No interest at all to deal with this type of behavior  again ever..or to begin with..not worth it...hours of work, for all of the artists could have been lost in an instant by people who had no regard for others...and BLESS the poor soul who listened to me voice my concern and realization about my inability to tolerate such behavior at this point in my life...And honestly this is an issue i never really thought about before when I have visited other art events. But, keep this in mind when you go to any venue where people are selling their handmade wares...please be respectful.

When it is all said and done...I think a lot of good did come from participating...

I got to talk to other artists i have been wanting to visit with for some time now.

I met new people.
I didn't go in the hole...breaking even is better than nothin'. 

But....I think it is time to look for other types of venues...much more quiet, peaceful, calm yoga studios...or Earthday festivals, or ,I about actual galleries.... that would be and learn, right?

whatever will be, will be....

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