Sunday, July 1, 2012

summer art journal challenge

Back in the day, when my schedule was determined by the public school calender, the only time I had to attempt my own artwork was during Summer. I would start a new art journal every summer. This practice gave me an outlet for my own ideas, but it also kept my creativity flowing. Now, that I am FINALLY acclimated to being a 'normal' person again, I actually still keep this practice.  I think keeping an art journal is simply a good practice to help keep the creativity flowing.

So here is a list of subjects i have compiled if you would like some inspiration for your summer art journal. (you can also find  the art journal list for spring here and a post about Creative MoJo)

  1. Picnics
  2. cold beverages
  3. corn on the cob
  4. red white and blue
  5. fireworks
  6. family
  7. smiles
  8. swimming
  9. water
  10. ocean
  11. sandy beaches
  12. swimsuits
  13. ponytails
  14. sunglasses
  15. fishing
  16. boats
  17. floppy hats
  18. seashells
  19. stars
  20. starfish
  21. ferris wheels
  22. picnic baskets
  23. lounge chairs
  24. sunflowers
  25. wildflowers
  26. cool breezes
  27. drive in movies
  28. snow cones
  29. ice cream
  30. drives down country roads
  31. memories

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