Thursday, March 8, 2012

5 ways to re-discover creative mojo

"What happened to my creative mojo?"

Have you ever found yourself wondering this?

I have....There have been times when my creative mojo did not flow...It can happen before one realizes. One day we wake up, and we just aren't feeling zest, no zeal, nothing that makes you smile and happy to wake up and create that day...How does that happen? But, what is more how do we get that mojo back?

1. Decide to: if you don't choose to have the mojo, you won't. No one is going to walk up and hand you a big plate of would be nice...but it is not going to happen. _creative mojo is something you have to choose to claim for yourself...creative mojo can easily be crushed so it is up to you to decide to claim it, and do what it takes to keep it....

2. Look: take inventory and recall when the last time you felt excited.  about creating or being creative...picture it in your mind. See all of the details. Smell the smells, think about the place, time, people were or were not you even remember?

3. Recall: what were you doing?  Were you walking the beach? Were you driving with the windows open? Was the sun out? Were you in nature? Were surrounded by people you love, admire, and who inspire you?

4. Question:  Why were you excited?  What exactly was it that gave you that overwhelming surge of joy that made you feel alive?

5. Take action! Now do more of that! It is that,  be, surround yourself with that which gives you joy....anything that takes your joy away will crush your creativity....find the joy...choose to seek joy...choose to be full of joy...and let it appear in everything you do.

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