Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lotus Healing Hand

This morning I had a lovely surprise. My piece "Lotus Healing Hands" was included in a beautiful treasure on Etsy. It always makes my heart leap a little when my artwork is included in a treasury on Etsy. This morning, is no different. 

(the treasury can be found at this link!

This pieces was included in a lovely treasury named "Just You...."
I love the warmth and comfort of the collection. It is almost like you are looking at a melancholy indie film. (redundant description I suppose lol)
The story behind "Lotus Healing Hand":  In the last year i have been on a journey. (like so many people at midlife) In the spring of 2011, i just felt 'compelled', for lack of a better word, to start painting a collection of Lotuses. There is something very meditative about the process for me. The lotus is a simple form to create, but it's simplicity is was makes it so beautiful to me. I really had no connection with the imagery of the Lotus until that spring. It seemed that it was a symbol that i needed to investigate more. AS i read about the lotus, the idea of how it symbolizes resilience, courage, enlightenment, and the triumph of purpose  really struck a chord with me. In nature, the lotus, pushes through the muddy water to eventually rise above it and open up to the sun. I love this. I love the idea of rising above the darkness to choose to face the sun. The inclusion of the hand is also a symbol I have felt compelled to use for several years. The hand is a symbol of connection, of healing, of giving.  
When i look at this piece,my thought is that this will connect with someone who is also in transition in their lives and that this artwork will be a reminder that they too can rise above any muddy waters they  might be trudging through to reach their bright shiny place in the sun.

"lotus healing hand"  

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