Sunday, September 30, 2012

late night sketches (why?)

It never fails, that even when i'm exhausted, and the first to go to bed, i am always the last one to fall asleep. 
I used to get back on the computer and mindlessly read items of ridiculousness.
 Pure mindlessness. 
And, i realized i was just wasting my life. 
What did i want to do instead? 
So, i asked myself, "If i can't sleep, what could i do that would at least make that time, NOT a waste?"
The obvious solution for me...
Because there are days (as in, MULTIPLE) when i never get to sit down and do anything artistic....(i would say "creative" but that isn't true)...everyday is filled with some form of creativity..."artistic" creativity...that may be another thing...and maybe it isn't so much that i can't do something creative, so much as get into that "zone" which requires no interruptions...
My days are filled with taking care of my family,keeping a youngest from climbing on top of the fridge (which i seriously fully expect to deal with at some point), maintaining health, and if i am lucky, i can incorporate some art in there somewhere.
if I'm Lucky.....
So, it only makes sense that the very best time for me to get my artistic fix, is before i go to sleep...It is usually the last thing i do each day...usually...
i keep a stack of journals, an art bag, and a lap desk, beside my bed. 
I randomly pick up a journal and draw. There is no rhyme or reason. The idea is to purely just take a few minutes to draw.
The other point is to find that state of being, that meditative state, that allows me to zone out, clear my mind, and relax after the day's, well i would say "routine" but there is nothing routine about my days...(routine would be relaxing...)
Drawing, at night, is my therapy, my meditation, my shedding of the day to prepare for the next day. 
And rise again....

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