Thursday, September 6, 2012

40 things to draw

  1. your feet
  2. the lines around your eyes
  3. that patch of grey hair at your temples
  4. your morning coffee cup
  5. the dog sitting beside you
  6. your hands
  7. your teeth
  8. your glasses
  9. the bunions on your toes
  10. that walker your gonna need when you break that hip
  11. the "wank-ah wonk-ah" horn on the front of you walker
  12. those weird hairs you keep finding in random places...
  13. the electric wheelchair you plan to have in the future
  14. that dream vacation spot in your mind
  15. your vision of a mid-life crisis
  16. that convertible you are required to buy now
  17. your stomach
  18. the chocolate you have stashed
  19. all the healthy foods you are supposed to eat
  20. all the unhealthy foods you actually eat
  21. two roads in a forest
  22. that tattoo you put off in your twenties...(btw, it's time to get that)
  23. all of the body piercings you wish you had gotten
  24. all the body piercings you wish you had not gotten
  25. your name
  26. your vision of who you are
  27. your vision of who you want to be
  28. your vision of who you thought you would be at 20
  29. things you want to do...NOW....then go do them...
  30. draw what makes you the most happy, then, do more of that...
  31. draw what is slowing you down from being happy...then, stop doing that...
  32. draw the people that make you feel the best...and spend more time with them
  33. draw the people that don't...and let them go...(you're 40 don't have to feel bad about yourself anymore)
  34. draw what you want to do the rest of you life...then do it
  35. draw what you don't want to do anymore...then stop doing that...
  36. draw cupcakes...cupcakes make everyone happy
  37. draw butterflies and bubbles and unicorns and fairies...because you can....and you just want to ....
  38. draw the most beautiful thing around you right this moment...there is always beauty around you
  39. draw your idea of love
  40. draw you

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