Sunday, December 9, 2012

Whirlwind art weekend

I learn something new everytime i go to an art show. This weekend i had four! Here is what i learned this weekend.
1. Small inexpensive chotchkys rock! People just want to feel like they got something cool. I tried an experiment this weekend and was very pleasantly surprised by the results. I am very excited to see where this experiment may take me.

2. Simple is better. The more clean, clear, organized, simple, i keep things, the less stress i have. This is best.

3. If you have a bad vibe, go with your gut. I had a bad vibe about a show all week. I should have listened to that. Live and learn.

4. Get to know people. People appreciate when you remember them. I know i do. Let them know.

5. When you find something that works, go with that. I will be thinking about what was the most positive and successful parts from this weekend and going forward.

6. Be able to talk about your work. I still struggle with this, but it is getting easier. And people really do want to know about your work.

7. Surround yourself with good people. You know who the good people are. Stick with them. There is always a debbie downer...avoid them.

8. Sometimes people can't be won over. Let them go. No one wants to be the person that isn't liked. But, sometimes it is what it and learn. Don't judge yourself based on someone else's issues. Your karma belongs to you. Theirs belongs to them.

9. There really are starving artists. I worked with several this weekend. No less than three times did i hear this statement: " i can buy groceries now." And those words weren't a joke. I for one, did that as well after my show on Saturday. And much-needed jeans and a belt for my son.  It really surprised me to hear other artists did the same. There are some hard working creative spirits out there.

10. Artists are usually willing to:  haggle, barter, do layaway....why? Read #9 again... and sometimes, all you have to do is ask. I tell you this not so you can get a good deal....i tell you this because of #9. 

11. Working outside in extreme temps really sucks.... it got really cold at my last show. If i had worn boots, it would have been fine, but i didn't. So, i am not a fan of outdoor shows with extreme temps and wind...i really don't know anyone who is.

12. I still want to live on the coast....have a coffee house/bookshop/art workshop/studio/yoga studio/vintage clothing shop...only work there 3 days a week, and work on my art four days a week...  i don't think that is too much to expect...  ;)

13. You can only do so much: how could i forget this lessons?   I simply cannot be everywhere, do everything, be everything, or please matter how hard i try....this weekend alone, unexpected health issues for myself and then for my son threw my plans out of whack...such is life. I am certain people were disappointed...especially myself...but, such is life...go with the flow...that's the best we can do. Understanding this and actually  allowing myself to accept this are two different stories.

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