Tuesday, December 18, 2012

too many ideas, too little time

Sometimes i find that my mind is overrun with creative project ideas....

For example: RIGHT NOW!
At this very moment i want to make a lot of stuff...here is my list:

1. crowns
2. hats
3. tiaras
4. tutus
5. crocheted head wraps with attached scarves inspired by the mother in "a Christmas Story"
6. a new blanket for my daughter
7. christmas cards, valentine cards, and glittery cards
8.  mini art dolls
9.  mixed media art houses
10. mixed media art purses
11. watercolor paintings of all of the stuff i pick up
12. painted shoes
13.  sewing projects: too many to list
14. framed dioramas: too many idea to list
15. art cards
16. block prints
17.pocket warmers
18. pillow cases
19. fairy houses
20. ceramic sculptures
21. backyard raku kiln made from a grill
22. christmas ornaments
23. more christmas ornamentswith my kids
24. christmas cookies with my kids

and soooooooo much more....

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