Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Constantly Amazed

So, like many artisans, at this time of year, I have been pretty busy. It has been quite a blur at times. I can honestly say that the last few months, have been a  learning experience. I have learned a lot about myself as an artist, a wife, and a mother. I have also learned a lot about other people

Here is my list as of today!

1. There are good people out there! In the last few months I have met so many wonderful artists, collectors, and appreciators that it has revived my hope in humanity. 

2. There really are people out there who appreciate art, artists, creativity, and hand made items. 

3. Negativity is a killer. STAY AWAY FROM IT! It seems that it only takes one negative comment to pop a bubble of happiness. And it seems to take a LOT of positivity to erase one negative pause. So, STAY AWAY FROM ALL NEGATIVITY! 

4. I DON"T LIKE DOING Commissions....there i said it...I was trying to keep this one to myself because, well, I'm actually working on a few RIGHT NOW....but, i have decided that commission work is not my thang....it isn't that they are awful to do....it is that i get very bogged down in them because  of life, over thinking, and, well,  life. I have the ability to create absolutely anything a person may want. I can figure out how to make anything. i just don't have the space, the tools, the time. So,i have decided that it is just best for me to not do them anymore. (no worries though...i will finish what i have right now!)

5. I still don't know where my work fits in....and I'm OK with that....

6. I'm starting to see what i "do".....for so long people would ask me..."what kind of artwork do you do?" and i had no words...now, I'm starting to see it...Something to do with "being present"... :)

7. My family (husband, son and daughter) are my biggest fans. No one has ever had faith in me like my husband. I could expand so much on this, and will at a later date. My son, has started to show a huge interest in art in ways i never expected and my daughter seems to think this is just what people are supposed to do. I love this!

8.There is always another art show! There are art shows every weekend, and even when I'm not looking for one, another one seems to find me. I LOVE THIS!

9. BALANCE is important.  For me, i have to be able to juggle it all. I have numerous responsibilities. I have my family, and i have my art. This means that any shows I do have to work with my life. Otherwise, it won't happen. Everything has to balance. AND IT ALWAYS DOES! 

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