Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Art Con 8!

This  Saturday, November 10, 2012, will be my third time to have the privilege of participating in Art Conspiracy

What is Art Conspiracy?
(in a nutshell) 
Art Conspiracy is a charity art movement that gathers 150 artists, some bands, a bunch of people who love art and love helping their community, and has a big auction/party/ to raise funds to help local charities. 


I wish this was my JOB! I would feel like i died and went to heaven if i could do this all the time. I"M NOT KIDDING!

 Trying to keep mini entertained for as long as possible......

This guy, right here, DAD OF THE YEAR! Just sayin'.....

she had to paint on mom's pants too...just like mom..

trying to finish because mini was getting tired...
she got a cupcake ...which i hear were the most awesome cupcakes ever....provided by Iris Candelaria of Candelaria's Bakery 

here is a link to a beautiful photostreams of last Saturday's Artist Workday as well... 
(by Brian Hamm)

and a cool one from the Dallas Observer! (we're on slide 10!)

And if you are interested in attending ART CON8  Here is your link!!!
All artwork starts at 20 bucks!

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