Friday, November 9, 2012

the importance of being present

This is my piece that is up for auction, Saturday, November 10, 2012 at Art Con 8 in Dallas. This piece is 18x18 on primed furniture grade plywood. It is a combination of acrylic paint, graphite, and collaged with coffee splattered paper. Oh and I should not forget it is also collaged with rumpled brown paper lunch sacks. It took me two of the four hours allotted to the artists to make it. I note this fact because i am usually one who would nash my teeth and wring my hands and work on a piece for ages. The fact that i did not, with this one is just one more confirmation for me in the life lesson this piece is about.
The title of this piece is "Be Present 8",
an obvious homage to Art Con 8 and to the life lesson of "simply be present" that I am taking as my own personal mantra. 

The images in this picture are images i have worked with for years.....and i do mean...YEARS....
It is only in the last few months that the meaning behind the images finally made sense to me.
houses, city skylines, lotuses, birds, chairs,trees, atoms, intersecting circles....all to simply remind me to "be present" in every moment, every day, every second.
Right here, right now, this is all we have. Enjoy it. Find the beauty. Find the joy. Find the love. It is there. If we choose to see it.

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