Thursday, February 7, 2013

New in the Zazzle Shop

 So, you may have noticed that I have irons in a few fires....

I have my Etsy Shop...
I participate in as many local art shows as possible....
And, I also have my Zazzle storefront.

What is different about the Zazzle storefront?  Well, in my Etsy shop, I can offer ORIGINALS...and a few my ZAZZLE shop i can offer my work in a variety of forms:cards, stickers, phone covers, keychains, e-book reader covers, t-shirts...etc.. It is a win/win for me, because they make it easy to offer products i could never produce myself or even have time to ship.

So, if you have seen some of my artwork and you would like it in a different format, let me know, i will see if i can create a product for you. I have ordered products from Zazzle myself and have been impressed with the quality of the work.

here are a few of my  new items from this week and a few of my favorites from the past! (and p.s. VALENTINE"S DAY IS JUST NEXT WEEK!)

namaste lotus bag
namaste lotus bag by bradshawmeadows
Look at other Yoga Bags at

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