Monday, September 13, 2010

getting ready for fall shows

so, i was trying to get some work done whil esitting and waiting to take baby to dr. for her one-month check-up...but my phone is not adequate enough to really do much so, tha was kinda a pain in the bootie....

but, i have a few shows lined up for octoder right now...and am working on a few more...have to get some more applications in today...

of course, as is par for this time of year, i'm sitting here with a tissue at hand because A cold has found me...of course, but i will fight it with a i do... don't have time to let some stinkin' cold get me down...i've got crap to do!...

and thus need to make a list of things to take care of for upcoming shows:
  • make table cloths for display tables
  • make a sign to go on the front of table _ " bradshaw Meadows"
  • make a table sign that says "cash or check only"
  • design new business cards
  • make a brochure/ business card display
  • figure out what kind of shopping bags to have for customers
  • design necklaces
  • solder pendants
  • paint blocks
  • print dia-de-los Muertos prints
  • design Roller derby gear
  • frame artwork
  • get some more small canvases
  • go sign up at the local gym so i can rid myself of this baby-weight...and boost my energy  and strength ( which benefits the whole family...and makes me a happier person...which also benefits the whole family)
  • add to list, as things come to mind...

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